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Fogo Island Inn is the Jewel of Joe Batt's Arm

Newfoundland’s luxury destination retreat delivers down to earth hospitality and wide-open spaces.

March 09, 2021

  Fogo Island Inn
The 4,000-square-metre five-star inn was designed by Newfoundland-born, Norway-based architect Todd Saunders.

Overview: With a modern, upscale take on the fishing-village leitmotif, this renowned 29-room resort marries homespun luxury to community-oriented hospitality. As a charitable business, the inn reinvests all profits in the Fogo Island community.

Crowd: Fairly well-heeled, guests are special-occasion celebrants who have “come from away” to spend $2,000 a night (meals included).

Agenda: Though you will not want to leave your room, excursions include a range of natural, cultural, marine and artistic activities—geological hikes, jam-making, fishing, snowmobiling, bike rides and bonfire nights.

Essential: This northern tip of Newfoundland is famous for parading icebergs, cavorting whales, wild storms and the northern lights.

Timing: June will net you icebergs, but there are seven seasons here—winter, pack ice, spring, trap berth, summer, berry, late fall. Take your pick.

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